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Pasta and Oysters...Perla

Although the streets have been buzzing for over a year now, we finally uncloaked the much coveted dining experience at Perla last weekend. While an initial google search might lead to the fashionable lingerie company La Perla, the food at Perla is far more seductive, arousing us with every bite, […]

An Oysterblog Superbowl Special...Baked Blue Points

Although we always prefer our oysters in their birthday suites, minus perhaps for the occasional slight squirt of a lemon, all the various preparations and recipes out there can be intriguing. We have thrown them on the grill before, and have even ordered them cooked in restaurants, but never have […]

Oysters, Clams & Jimmy Buffet in East Hampton...July 29 Weekend

Just when we thought the weekend could not get any better, we looked up to find that our Sunday morning bike ride rendered us a close up viewing of Continental Drifter III, the beautiful yacht anchored in the waters of Sag Harbor, who’s owner is none other than our beloved […]